1. What is the “Play & Win” Promotion?

The “Play & Win” Promotion introduces a new Alfa and Touch Service whose participants will have the opportunity towin amazing daily and weekly prizes.

2. What are the prizes?

Every day (excluding Saturdays, when the weekly prizes will be given), the participant with the highest number of token collected until the respective day will win 2,000,000 LBP cash. Every Saturday, the participant you collected the most token within the same week wins 15,000,000 LBP.

3. How many prizes does this Promotion give?

The total prizes are 120! 103 daily prizes, 17 weekly prizes.
Joelle ElZein    11-07-2015
Weekly - 20,000$
Charbel Matta 4-07-2015
Weekly - 20,000$
Nihaya Shams Eldin 20-06-2015
Weekly - 20,000$